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New or Used Bulldozer?

Equipment Overview

A bulldozer is a large machine with a metal blade attached to the front for pushing land and material. Bulldozers travel on tracks and are typically used for industrial, engineering, mining, and farming projects. 

Large yellow bulldozer machine with labeled parts

These machines are simply tractors fitted with a dozer blade. Blades come in different shapes, for different applications. 

Bulldozers have a ripper on the back to help break up hard surfaces, like concrete. Certain applications may call for a stumpbuster rather than a ripper. This attachment is used to split tree stumps.

Often referred to simply as “dozers”, these machines can be used for road building, farming, construction, demolition, excavation, shallow digging, soil spreading, and much more. Strong and versatile, a bulldozer machine can handle many different tasks.

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Bulldozer Specifications

A bulldozer can have an operating weight of anywhere from 18,000 to 230,000 pounds. It can also have 92 to 850 horsepower and a max travel speed of 6 to 10 mph. The ripper has a typical digging depth of 13 inches and the blade has a width of 8 to 16 feet.

The large majority of bulldozers travel on tracks, though there are a few wheeled models available. Wheeled dozers are generally larger than tracked dozers.

A bulldozer can weigh anywhere from 8 to 104 tons. Different sizes are available depending on user needs. When looking for bulldozers for sale, you’ll see these three sizes:


Small machines have 80 to 92 horsepower and an operating weight between 17,500 and 18,000 pounds. Consider a small model for compact worksites and less demanding applications.


A medium-sized bulldozer machine has between 130 and 205 horsepower. The operating weight of a machine this size ranges from 29,300 to just over 46,000 pounds. These are great for those who need to tackle a range of projects with one machine.


Large bulldozers have between 600 and 850 horsepower. They also have an operating weight of over 155,000 pounds. Choose this size if power and efficiency are a priority.

Bulldozer Prices

Bulldozer prices on new equipment range anywhere from $30,000 to $200,000 or more. Some machines sell for as much as $900,000. That’s a huge range. The most common models, with 110 to 130 horsepower, cost between $75,000 and $175,000.

If these prices seem overwhelming, a used bulldozer may be a better option. On average, a used bulldozer costs somewhere between 30% and 70% less than new models.

Large yellow dozer digging up land

Of course, used equipment is not the right fit for everyone. While bulldozers are reliable and have long lifespans, many factors set new equipment apart.

First, a new bulldozer offers the most advanced electronic and hydraulic systems. They’re also customizable, so you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for without compromise. They even come with a solid warranty.

On the other hand, a used bulldozer will save you money. Not every used machine is worth these savings, though. If you choose to shop for used bulldozers for sale, be sure to select pre-owned equipment that is reliable and has been well-maintained over its lifetime.

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Types of Bulldozers

In addition to size, bulldozers are also classified by how they travel. There are both wheeled and crawler models. Learn more about each before searching for bulldozers for sale.


Bulldozers fitted with wheels tend to be larger than those with tracks. Models start at over 200 horsepower and 45,000 pounds. Because of this, bulldozer prices for wheeled models tend to be higher than tracked models. 

Wheel dozers have fully articulated hydraulic steering, giving them more maneuverability and helping them make tight turns. 

The tires on wheeled machines are heavy-duty tires designed to withstand the roughest outdoor terrain. They have deep ridges for added traction and safety.


A crawler dozer is fitted with continuous tracks, helping it travel over uneven terrain. The contact length, or the amount of contact the vehicle has with the ground, is higher for tracked machines. In other words, tracks have more contact with the ground than tires. This is ideal for driving over mounds of earth, gravel, refuse, or other material.

These machines also have a ripper at the back, allowing them to break through concrete, pavement, and frozen ground.

Small crawler models start at outputs of 80 horsepower and just over 17,000 pounds.

Comparing Bulldozers for Sale

Whether you’re looking for new or used bulldozers for sale, you’ll want to find the best price. Heavy Machinery Hub is an online comparison tool designed to help you do just that.

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Start by filling out the form at the top of the page to indicate the type of equipment you need. Select your specifications and choose between a new or used bulldozer. Then, we’ll send you bulldozer prices on matching equipment for free. 

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If a new or used bulldozer is the right fit, but you aren’t sure what specifications you need, fill out the form at the top of the page to the best of your abilities. Once you receive your quotes, a heavy machinery expert will be able to help you choose.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Regardless of whether you choose new or used equipment, bulldozers aren’t cheap. As with any investment, you’ll want to make sure you’re making a smart purchase. 

Big dozer near mounds of dirt with a ripper on the back

Before comparing bulldozers for sale, consider where you’ll be using your machine. The size of your worksite will determine the size of the machine you choose.

It will also impact whether you opt for a machine with wheels or tracks. Remember, tracks offer better traction on many terrains. 

Also, consider your common applications and projects. Different attachments can assist with different things.

Lastly, consider bulldozer prices. Your budget is important. If prices are a major issue, consider looking at used bulldozers for sale. Quality pre-owned equipment can save you thousands of dollars.

Bulldozers are incredibly powerful. With joystick control and seamless hydraulic operation, these machines are built to last. Don’t get stuck with the wrong equipment. Find exactly what you’re looking for with Heavy Machinery Hub

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