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Is a Skid Steer Rental Right for Me?

Skid steers are a type of heavy machinery equipped with two arms that lift a bucket attachment overhead. This equipment is typically used for digging or grading. It can also be used to transport materials across a worksite. Other attachments are available to expand versatility. 

Small yellow skid loader with wheels

Most skid steers have wheels, though some tracked models are available. These machines are smaller than most excavators and loaders, making them more affordable. 

One of the most notable features of this equipment is its zero-radius turning. Each side of the machine moves independently of the other, allowing it to turn 360 degrees without moving forward or backward. 

A skid steer rental can be used for a variety of jobs. Consider renting if you need the capabilities of a loader on a smaller scale. Rent a skid steer for construction, building, landscaping, excavating, digging, trenching, and more.

A skid steer, also known as a skid loader, has a huge range of applications. If you think this is equipment is a good fit for your operation, you’ll also need to consider whether renting or purchasing is the best financial decision.

Because skid steer rental rates seem more manageable, many people are tempted to rent, even when buying is the right choice. Keep in mind that skid steer rental is not best for every operation. Only consider renting if you do not plan to use the equipment long-term or if you have periods of downtime.

If this is the case, it’s a good idea to rent a skid steer. You’ll be able to access the equipment when you need it and save money when you don’t. Consider opting for a skid steer rental if you need multiple equipment types, too. Instead of purchasing three different machines, use a skid loader rental to access each type when it is needed.

If you think purchasing is the right choice but don’t know quite what you need, rent a skid steer to test out equipment at your operation before you commit.

Reliable Equipment, When You Need It

Wasted time is wasted money. Even more important than finding the right equipment is finding it quickly.

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Reduce downtime and keep your project on schedule with Heavy Machinery Hub. We make it easy to find the skid loader rental you’re looking for instantly. Compare skid steer rental rates online and book straight from our website. 

Start by choosing an equipment type from the top of the page. Select any specifications you need and indicate the dates you need the equipment. We’ll take it from there!

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Hundreds of Options

There are a variety of skid steers available. Heavy Machinery Hub has something for every project. Before you rent a skid steer, learn more about your options.

Each model varies in lift height, rated operating capacity, horsepower, and more. Specifications vary by size. Learn more about skid steer sizes below.

Small (“Mini”)

A small or mini skid steer rental is great for crowded work areas that are hard to maneuver. These compact models are less than 1,750 pounds and have less than 50 horsepower. A mini skid steer rental is a good option for interior demolition, underground construction, and landscaping jobs.


A step larger than a mini skid steer rental, medium rentals are a great combination of power and maneuverability. A mid-sized machine offers more versatility as well. These models fall between 1,750 and 2,200 pounds and have between 50 and 70 horsepower.


Large-frame models have the size and power to tackle big demolition, excavation, and grading projects. A large skid loader rental will be over 2,200 pounds with more than 70 horsepower.

Keep in mind that size affects skid steer rental cost. Find the equipment that fits your needs and budget with Heavy Machinery Hub.

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Trust Heavy Machinery Hub. We partner with hundreds of top dealers nationwide. Our partners are pre-screened and vetted to ensure quality and trustworthiness. When you rent a skid steer through our site, you can trust that the equipment is reliable and will get the job done.

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Types of Loaders

If a skid steer rental doesn’t sound like the right fit, consider a different loader type.

Wheel Loaders

A skid steer moves on wheels and is a loader, but it is not the same as a wheel loader. For one, wheel loaders are generally much larger. In addition, they have traditional steerable wheels, unlike the skid steer’s zero-radius turning. They also typically have articulated steering. 

To learn more about this equipment and view rental listings, click here.

Crawler Loaders

A crawler loader has the same functionality as a wheel loader but has tracks instead of wheels. These machines travel well on flatter surfaces and can be used for things like road work, job site cleanup, construction, or excavation. 

No matter what type of equipment you’re looking for, Heavy Machinery Hub can help you find it.

What Skid Steer Rental Rates Can I Expect?

Skid steer rental rates vary based on several factors, but here are the industry standards you can expect: 

  • Hourly: $50 to $100
  • Daily: $150 to $500
  • Weekly: $600 to $1,200
  • Monthly: $1,000 to $3,000

The size and capabilities of the skid loader rental will affect the price. For instance, a mini skid steer rental is going to cost less than a large rental.

Keep in mind that you’ll also pay a fee for any additional attachments you need. Expect to tack $150 to $500 onto your weekly skid steer rental cost. 

Other factors that will affect skid steer rental costs include lubrication and fuel. These are a bigger factor for long-term rentals. Most maintenance and repair fees will be covered by the rental company, so make sure you understand what is included upfront.

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