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Is a Forklift Rental Right for Me?

A forklift is typically used to move heavy loads. This equipment is fitted with standard forks, though other attachments are available. There are many different types of forklifts, each with its own capabilities and features.

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Forklift rentals are often used in warehouses for load transportation or outside at lumberyards and construction sites for heavy-duty applications. Rent a forklift if you need access to this equipment on a short-term basis, or plan to use many different forklift types over the course of the year. 

A forklift rental also offers more flexibility. Save money during long periods of downtime and eliminate large upfront costs and maintenance fees.

If you need multiple equipment types, forklift rental rates will be cheaper than purchasing multiple machines for your operation. 

Keep in mind that renting isn’t for everyone. While forklift rental prices seem more manageable than purchase prices, they add up over time. If you plan to use your equipment daily or for the majority of the year, you’ll save money by purchasing equipment.

Forklift rental rates break costs into manageable chunks. However, this is still an option when you purchase. Forklift financing helps people afford expensive equipment by paying over time.

If a forklift rental sounds like a good fit for your operation, use Heavy Machinery Hub to compare listings from top dealers in your area. Browse forklift rental rates and find equipment that fits your needs and budget.

Reliable Equipment, When You Need It

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Finding a forklift rental can be time-consuming. With Heavy Machinery Hub, it doesn’t have to be. Browse all of your options in one place and book equipment online in minutes. Reduce downtime and keep your projects on schedule. 

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Hundreds of Options

There are hundreds of forklift rentals out there. Finding the right one is critical to your success. So, where do you start?

Heavy Machinery Hub has the resources you need to make the right decision. Learn more about forklift specifications below.

Load Capacity

Forklift load capacity can be anywhere from 3,000 to over 70,000 pounds. There are many different forklift types out there.

A standard counterbalance forklift with cushion tires can carry up to 22,000 pounds. These forklifts are only intended for indoor use.

Lift Height

Lift height typically ranges from 10 to 40 feet. A standard counterbalance forklift has a lift height between 10 and 15 feet.

Other warehouse forklifts, like reach trucks and order pickers, generally have much higher lift heights. These machines are ideal for accessing tall warehouse shelving. Telehandler forklifts also have extended reach, tackling heights of 36 to 40 feet. This type is used for outdoor applications.


Forklifts vary in size. Smaller models include standard counterbalance forklifts, order pickers, and reach trucks. These types are equipped with solid cushion tires for indoor use.

Larger models include rough terrain forklifts and telehandlers. These machines are designed to tackle uneven terrain and tough tasks. Use one of these outdoor forklifts for powerful outdoor operation. 
No matter what you’re looking for, we can help you find a lift truck rental that matches your needs. Specifications and forklift rental prices are listed online for each machine. Compare all of your options in one place.

Trust Heavy Machinery Hub

A low forklift rental cost is great, but if the equipment isn’t reliable, it won’t do you much good. Trust Heavy Machinery Hub to help you find the highest quality equipment at the most competitive forklift rental rates. 

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Booking equipment online saves tons of time. However, listing sites don’t always offer clear, upfront information. When this is the case, users end up booking equipment that isn’t what they thought it would be.

To avoid this, rent a forklift through Heavy Machinery Hub. Browse with confidence, knowing that the information is accurate and up-to-date. Rent a forklift that you can trust to get the job done.

Find a lift truck rental you can rely on. Spend your money smartly by investing in reliable equipment for your operation.

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Types of Forklifts

There are many different forklift types to choose from. They can all be categorized into one of two groups based on tire type. Before you rent a forklift, learn more about these tire types below.

Cushion Tire Forklifts

Cushion tire forklifts are typically used in warehouses. These models are fitted with solid, smooth tires. Forklifts with cushion tires include counterbalance warehouse forklifts, reach trucks, and order pickers.

Order pickers are ideal for narrow aisles. These forklifts have a tighter turning radius and smaller width. Reach trucks are better suited for fulfilling piece-part orders. These forklifts are operated from a platform that can be lowered and raised.

Pneumatic Tire Forklifts

Pneumatic tire forklifts have large, air-filled tires with deep treads. These tires are ideal for outdoor use on uneven terrain. Because they are intended for outdoor use, pneumatic forklifts generally offer more power and durability.

Types of pneumatic tire forklifts include rough terrain forklifts and telehandlers. Rough terrain forklifts are large counterbalance machines with added power and efficiency. Telehandlers are equipped with a long boom arm for additional reach. This equipment is often used at construction and building sites.

No matter what equipment you need, Heavy Machinery Hub can help you find it. Compare forklift rental prices on machines in your area that fit your applications.

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What Forklift Rental Prices Can I Expect?

Forklift rental prices vary with equipment features, capabilities, brand, model, size, and more. Load capacity and size have the biggest effect on forklift rental cost. Here’s a breakdown of the average pricing by load capacity:

3,000 to 5,000 lbs

  • Daily: $100 - $150
  • Weekly: $250 - $350
  • Monthly: $750 - $1,000

6,000 to 10,000 lbs

  • Daily: $150 - $300
  • Weekly: $350 - $700
  • Monthly: $1,000 - $2,000

10,000 to 30,000 lbs

  • Daily: $200 - $700
  • Weekly: $500 - $2,000
  • Monthly: $1,500 - $4,500

Keep in mind that some companies charge delivery and pickup fees in addition to these prices. 

The more capabilities the equipment has, the higher the forklift rental rates will be. For instance, you can expect an internal combustion forklift with a load capacity of 3,000 to 5,000 lbs to cost more than an electric forklift with the same capacity. 

Remember, you can compare forklift rental prices on the exact equipment you’re looking for on our site. Review each of your options before making a decision.

Find a forklift rental cost that fits your budget. Get the equipment you need for your operation at a great price. Book a lift truck rental through Heavy Machinery Hub today.

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