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Is a Bulldozer Rental Right for Me?

A bulldozer is a powerful piece of heavy machinery used to push large amounts of debris or raw material. Many people rent bulldozers for industrial projects in the engineering, farming, and mining industries. 

Bulldozers, also known simply as dozers, are tractors fitted with a front blade. Most models travel on continuously rotating tracks, but some have large wheels instead. The front blade is responsible for pushing material or performing shallow digging. There is a ripper on the back for breaking up ground or pavement.

For land clearing or demolition, a bulldozer rental is a great option. Construction, farming, civil engineering, and home renovation are other common uses for this equipment.

Bulldozer on uneven dirt

Consider renting for short-term projects. Renting can help you save money during long periods of downtime.

A bulldozer rental is ideal for operations that do not plan on using their equipment daily for the entire year. You may also want to rent a bulldozer if you need multiple equipment types.

Most heavy-duty machines are incredibly expensive. However, the cost to rent a bulldozer is much more manageable. Of course, renting isn’t for everyone.

Bulldozer rental prices add up over time, so you’ll need to consider your project timeline. If you plan to work for a large chunk of the year, it may make more sense to purchase and re-sell so you can get most of your money back.

Not sure if this equipment is even the right fit? Rent a bulldozer for a few days to test it out before you commit.

Reliable Equipment, When You Need It

If you’re ready to find a bulldozer rental, turn to Heavy Machinery Hub. Time is money, so finding what you need quickly is critical.

Keep your operation on track. Rent a bulldozer instantly online. Reduce downtime and save money by comparing bulldozer rental prices upfront before you choose. 

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To get started, select the equipment and specifications you’re looking for. Be sure to note the dates you need the machine. Then, review rental listings in your area to find one that fits your timeline and budget.

Once you find a match, book the bulldozer rental straight from our website. There’s no catch. It is that simple to find the equipment you need, when you need it, online. Get started now and rent a bulldozer in minutes.

Hundreds of Options

There are seemingly endless heavy machinery options out there. Where do you start?

Heavy Machinery Hub offers hundreds of options for you to consider. All the bulldozer rentals we offer are from top dealers across the country. Each of the partners we work with is pre-screened and qualified.

That’s why we guarantee satisfaction when you rent a bulldozer on our site. 

Bulldozers can offer anywhere from 80 to 850 horsepower with a max travel speed of 6 to 10 mph. Specifications vary largely based on size. Learn more about the different sizes available below.


Small bulldozers have between 80 and 92 horsepower. They typically have an operating weight between 17,500 and 18,000 pounds. A small bulldozer rental is ideal for compact or tight worksites.


Medium-sized bulldozers have 130 to 205 horsepower. Operating weight typically falls between 29,000 and 46,000 pounds. Their larger size gives these machines more versatility and capability, perfect for people who need their equipment for multiple applications.


Large bulldozers have between 600 and 850 horsepower and an operating weight of over 155,000 pounds. You’ll get the most power and efficiency from these models.

Of course, size affects bulldozer rental rates. Be sure to keep your budget in mind.

Trust Heavy Machinery Hub

Finding the right bulldozer rental is key to your success. You need equipment that can get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

While comparing and booking online may seem great, there are plenty of scams out there. If you’re interested in online booking, you need to go through a trusted seller that can guarantee the quality of their listings.

Close-up of continuously rotating tracks on a bulldozer

Heavy Machinery Hub is that company. We offer free, transparent, and accurate information on every single listing. Compare bulldozer rental prices, specifications, booking dates, reviews, ratings, and more, all in one place. 

Plus, we only work with pre-screened dealers. That means every listing you see is quality. We offer hundreds of trusted machines at competitive bulldozer rental rates.

When you browse equipment with Heavy Machinery Hub, you can shop with confidence. Find exactly what you’re looking for in minutes.

Types of Bulldozers

Before you shop, consider the different bulldozer types.

Crawler Bulldozers

The crawler bulldozer is the most popular dozer type. These machines move on continuously rotating tracks. Because the tracks have a greater surface area, more of the machine is in contact with the ground at once, giving it added traction and stability.

Use a crawler bulldozer on dense or uneven terrain.

Wheel Bulldozers

Wheel bulldozers are typically larger than crawler models. This also generally means that the cost to rent a bulldozer with wheels is higher than the cost for one with tracks. 

A wheel bulldozer is better for soft surfaces or sensitive ground. Tires are more gentle than rubber tracks. They’re also much easier to maneuver and are better for overall handling. If you have a larger, more demanding project, it’s probably worth it to invest in a wheel bulldozer.
The cost to rent a bulldozer with more features and capabilities will be higher. However, this equipment may save you time and money in the long run.

What Bulldozer Rental Rates Can I Expect?

Bulldozer rental rates vary based on equipment type and size, but we’ve collected some industry averages to give you an idea of what to expect. For these averages, we will refer to a dozer with tracks and 80 to 89 horsepower. 

  • Daily: $500
  • Weekly: $1,300
  • Monthly: $3,800

For smaller models, daily rental costs could be as low as $200. On the other end of the spectrum, large bulldozers can cost as much as $3,000 a day. 

Hourly rental isn’t really an option with bulldozers. You can rent for as little as 4 hours at once, but it will cost you close to $500 anyway. Since the cost to rent a bulldozer for a full day is practically the same as the 4-hour rate, it makes more sense to choose a full day.

Keep in mind that weekly bulldozer rental rates are typically a much better deal than daily rates. If you’re planning on renting for a few days, consider opting for a week instead.

Remember, you can find the exact cost to rent a bulldozer for the timeframe you need on our website. Simply select your equipment specifications and dates at the top of the page, and we’ll pull rental listings from top dealers in your area.

Instantly compare bulldozer rental prices online and book equipment straight from your computer.

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