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Is a Backhoe Rental Right for Me?

A backhoe loader is a type of heavy machinery with a bucket attachment on the front and a backhoe attachment on the back. It gets the name “backhoe loader” from this duality; it is essentially a wheel loader with a backhoe attachment.

These machines are unique in their ability to utilize two attachments at once. The cab contains a swivel seat that allows the operator to switch back and forth between each one.

Yellow backhoe loader parked outside at a construction site

A backhoe rental is a great option for short-term projects or companies with periodic downtime. This equipment is ideal for tackling construction, demolition, landscaping, roadwork, and more.

Smaller than most heavy machines, this equipment is more versatile, mobile, and efficient. Consider investing in a backhoe rental for applications like tree removal, digging, excavation, and paving.

Backhoe rental prices are much more affordable than purchase prices. However, they add up over time. Consider your project timeline and budget before choosing a backhoe loader rental.

If you plan to use your equipment daily or long-term, purchasing a backhoe is a better option. Purchasing equipment is a good investment, even though it costs more upfront. Check out the heavy machinery we have for sale here.

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Heavy Machinery Hub is your go-to source for quality rentals. We understand how important it is to find the right equipment for your operation quickly.

That’s why we work with leading dealers nationwide to provide a huge selection of backhoe equipment rentals. All of our listings are guaranteed quality. We also offer plenty of resources to help you make the right decision. 

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Hundreds of Options

With so many options out there, finding the right backhoe equipment rental can be overwhelming.

Simplify the process with Heavy Machinery Hub. Our team is dedicated to your success. We offer free informational blogs and guides to help you figure out what you need for your operation. Our site also houses hundreds of high-quality equipment rentals, so there’s something for every project.

Not sure what you need? Learn more about backhoe equipment rental specifications below.

Backhoe Attachment

Most people assume that the backhoe attachment gets its name from its location on the machine, but it actually comes from the digging motion. A backhoe digs by pulling dirt backward towards the machine, rather than scooping forward like the bucket attachment. 

Each backhoe rental has different features and capabilities. On an average model, the backhoe can dig with over 15,000 pounds of force and extend up to 25 feet away. Most backhoes have a digging depth of 14 to 15 feet, though some models have over 20 feet.

Bucket Attachment

On average, a backhoe loader bucket attachment can hold 1.75 cubic yards of material that weighs between 1,500 and 2,100 pounds. A typical front bucket has a width between 89 and 96 inches. 


A 14 to 15-foot model typically has between 60 and 110 horsepower. Larger models can have up to 130 horsepower.


Size plays a huge role in power, efficiency, and backhoe rental cost. This equipment is generally smaller than most other heavy machinery types. 

If you operate at a crowded worksite with many obstacles, consider a mini backhoe rental. Mini models are the smallest available and have less than 10 feet of dig depth. Only use these machines for quick digging projects.

All of these specifications and features will affect backhoe rental cost. Keep your worksite, timeline, and applications in mind when deciding what you need. Compare backhoe rental prices on a huge variety of equipment with Heavy Machinery Hub.

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Rent a backhoe that can get the job done. Trust Heavy Machinery Hub to find you the best deals on quality equipment in your area.

Booking online is a lifesaver. It helps businesses and contractors avoid spending countless hours visiting or calling dealerships to ask about availability. 

While booking a backhoe loader rental online may save you time, not every listing is trustworthy. To find listings you can rely on, use Heavy Machinery Hub. Every rental on our site is trustworthy. Skip the scams and filter through the highest quality options in your area.

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We only work with pre-screened, qualified dealers. That means when you rent a backhoe through Heavy Machinery Hub, you’re getting equipment that is guaranteed quality.

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Types of Backhoes

Before you rent a backhoe, it’s important to understand your options. There are two main types of backhoes. The only difference between them is how the backhoe is mounted.

Side Shift Backhoe

Side shift backhoes are mounted on frame rails. Operators can shift the backhoe from one side of the machine to the other. This reduces the need to reposition the equipment and increases efficiency. Consider this type of backhoe loader rental for compact worksites.

Center Mount Backhoe

Center mount backhoes are mounted to the center of the rear frame of the machine. This eliminates the ability to move the backhoe attachment along the backside of the machine. A center-mount backhoe equipment rental is the most common type in North America.
Choose a backhoe type depending on your worksite maneuverability. Find a local backhoe rental that fits your needs instantly with Heavy Machinery Hub.

What Backhoe Rental Prices Can I Expect?

Backhoe rental cost will vary depending on several factors including specifications, features, make, model, and size. Here are some typical backhoe rental prices you can expect.

  • Daily: $150 and $500
  • Weekly: $750 and $1,500
  • Monthly: $1,500 and $3,000

Longer rental agreements are typically a better deal than shorter rental agreements. Backhoe rental costs add up as time increases, so consider your project timeline carefully before renting. Keep in mind that it isn’t unusual for timelines to change or get pushed back, so budget accordingly.

When you choose to rent a backhoe, you’ll have access to the latest technology without having to commit to the high upfront price associated with new equipment. You’ll also avoid repair fees. Most backhoe rental costs include all necessary maintenance costs.

Often, rental costs can be deducted as business expenses. Keep this in mind when shopping for a backhoe equipment rental. 

To find the exact cost of a local backhoe rental, use Heavy Machinery Hub. Compare pricing on listings in your area instantly. Find a backhoe loader rental that matches your specifications and budget today.

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