How to Find Out Which Demolition Equipment You Need

Demolition equipment on a construction site.

Good demolition equipment is key to efficient operation. The right demolition machinery will keep your employees safe. Prioritize safety by choosing the appropriate demolition equipment for your project.

Finding the best fit can get tricky. Especially when you consider the countless types of demolition vehicles on the market. However, we have a way to keep it simple.

Keep three things in mind when selecting demolition equipment. Consider the size and scope of your demolition project, what you need the equipment to do, and the level of quality you're looking for.

With Heavy Machinery Hub, you never have to worry about quality. We make sure you only get the best of the best. That leaves you with only two considerations to worry about.

Ahead is a rundown on the best demolition machinery and its functions. You'll also find information about which projects each piece of equipment is best suited for. Let's get started!

Demolition Equipment


Excavators for demolition are popular in the construction industry. This is because of their consistency, efficiency, and versatility.

  • Functions: Excavators for demolition are typically used for digging, earthmoving, and trenching. Excavators for demolition feature an adjustable, articulating arm, which makes these tasks possible. Excavators also have different attachments, each performing different functions. For example, if you need to clear stumps and roots from their soil beds, rippers are the attachment for you. The hammer attachment will help you break up concrete. Grapples condense around larger objects to lift them. Overall, excavators are a great choice for demolition machinery. For specific tasks, review attachment options.
  • Projects: Thanks to their versatility, excavators can handle a variety of projects. They pair well with other demolition vehicles, like bulldozers and wheel loaders. Excavators are most common in the construction, forest, and mining industries. They are ideal for home and commercial demolition.

Skid Steers

Skid steers are another popular choice. These demolition vehicles come in many different sizes for different applications. Each skid steer size serves its own purpose.

  • Functions: Smaller skid steers are very maneuverable. They're great for tight spaces that larger equipment might not fit in. Mid-size skid steers are great for digging applications. The fact that they aren't too big also gives them more maneuverability. Operators normally pair large skid steers with a hydraulic attachment. Together, they break up foundations, building walls, and clear debris.
  • Projects: Smaller to medium models are best for interior demolition and underground construction. Larger skid steers will suit your large-scale demolition projects. They're also great for landscaping and agricultural work.


Bulldozers are the most heavy-duty and powerful demolition vehicles on the market. Equipped with a large, flat blade, bulldozers push and shake buildings at their foundation, forcing them to fall.

  • Functions: Two articulated arms control the bulldozer blade. You can raise and lower these arms as needed. For scraping and leveling, keep the bulldozer arms in a low position. Raising the arms to a "middle" position will demolish structures through pushing. The high position is best for material transport. Overall, bulldozers are most commonly used for pushing large amounts of material. However, they can also be used for ripping and land clearing.
  • Projects: Bulldozers are your best bet for all large-scale demolition projects. These demolition vehicles are also good for construction and mining projects.
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Should You Rent or Buy Demolition Equipment?

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